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Commercial Hockey Club Inc. is a Newmarket based hockey club

The Management Committee is the overall governing body of the club.

Sub Committees, Men's Players Committee and Women's Players Committee are also represented on Management through their respective Chairpersons.

Contact names for Clubhouse and Members of each committee for this year follow:

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Clubhouse Contact Details

Street Address:
106 Finsbury Street, Newmarket, QLD, 4051 Map Location
Postal Address:
PO Box 481, Alderley, QLD, 4051



General Email:

Fees & Payments Queries:

Clubhouse and Field Hire:
Touch Football Bar Committee

2022 Management Committee

PresidentPaul Dawson0409 329 766president@commercialhockeyclub.com
Vice PresidentGlenn Dickson0418 711 303 


SecretaryJoanne Hudson0448 748 231
TreasurerAngus Hay
0415 443 223treasurer@commercialhockeyclub.com
Assistant SecretarySandie Jervis0422 719 603sandiepineapple@gmail.com
Women's Players
Committee Chairperson
Ally Brough0421 860 397allybrough01@gmail.com
Men's Players
Committee Chairman
Adam Barry0410 473 782adammick@hotmail.com
Marketing Officer                    Stacey Cabot 
0437 474 437
Facilities & GroundsTim Lebsanft0400 607 979

2022 Mens Players Committee

Chairperson Adam Barry 0410 473 782 adammick@hotmail.com
Secretary Andrew Dawson 0438 709 023 mens@commercialhockeyclub.com 
Treasurer Angus Hay 0415 443 223 treasurer@commercialhockeyclub.com
Equipment Coordinator       
Coaching Coordinator Bruce Robertson 0409 100 148 brobe66@eq.edu.au
Umpire Coordinator Vacant    
Junior Boys Chairperson Ewan Ward 0421 053 216 chc.juniorboys@gmail.com
Chairperson Ewan Ward 0421 053 216 chc.juniorboys@gmail.com
Secretary/Treasurer Dimity Holliday   chc.juniorboys@gmail.com
Turf Coordinator     chc.juniorboys@gmail.com
Grass Coordinator TBA   chc.juniorboys@gmail.com
Equipment & Uniforms Coordinator      

2022 Womens Committee

Women's Committee            
Chairperson   Ally Brough   0421 860 397   allybrough01@gmail.com
Secretary   Sonya Taylor   0411 270 947   chchockeydocs@gmail.com
Turf Coordinator 1-3   Karen Stennett   0414 253 878   karen.stennett@qr.com.au
Turf Coordinator 4-5   Lisa Carter   0405 219 861   lisa.carter@clearinsurance.com.au
Grass Coordinator   Kelly Thorburn   0401 211 024   CHCgrasshockey@outlook.com
Equipment Coordinator
  Gail Blackwell   0402 300 428   gailbb@internode.on.net
Junior girls chair   Jenny Butler   0430 572 208   jmbutler77@yahoo.com.au
Junior Secretary   Cath Robson   0421 470 780   girlshockey.chc@gmail.com
Junior Turf   Carol Chiu Chong   0412 977 189   chcjnrgirlsturf@gmail.com
Junior Grass   Catherine Butler   0413 254 660   catherine.butler29@gmail.com
U7/U9 Coordinator   Danette Smith   0411 248 859   danettelou@gmail.com
Umpire Coordinator   Tracy Risetto   0448 119 371   tracthmr@gmail.com

Committee Position Descriptions

There is a lot of discussion involving tasks required for Management and Players Committee positions.

The following LINK provides more information about the task required to help you decide on nominating for a position.

Please remember that in nominating for a position you will have the full backing of the club. There are many members within the club that can and will be available to assist in the role that you nominate for.

All Committee members must hold a current Blue Card and be financial members of Commercial Hockey Club Inc.

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POSTPONED Girls U13 Turf and JT TRIAL 2 at BP
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