Payment Plans

You may wish to pay off your fees at a pace suitable to your financial situation.

CHC offer 2 payment plan options:

1. At the time of registration through Majestri.
This is a direct debit process. Please ensure that you set this up at the time of registration as this currently is difficult to carry out after registration.

2. Submitting the CHC proforma document which provides to CHC a payments commitment.

CHC Payment Plan 

This section provides a proforma that you may complete and return to Commercial Hockey Club Inc.

The following steps can be taken:

1. Download the Payment Plan form from HERE.
2. Complete the form noting the frequency of payment and amount to be paid.
3. Return the form to the email address:

1. Please note that the payment plan is only intended to assist you in completing fees owing before the season finals and informing CHC of your intentions for payments. 
2. If you need to ammend your payment plan please inform the CHC Treasurer on the above email address.      

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